City Secretary / Elections / City Agendas

The Office of the City Secretary is part of the city administration. The objective of the office is to guarantee the legality and accuracy of official city documents and to provide for their safe keeping.

The Office of the City Secretary is at the forefront of the legislative and administrative processes in local government. The City Secretary performs the duties assigned by various state statutes and city ordinances, guarantees the legality and accuracy of official city documents, and provides for their safe keeping. The City Secretary attends all meetings of the City Council and keeps accurate minutes of these meetings. In addition, the City Secretary serves as the Registrar of Vital Statistics, Public Information Officer, Records Manager and Elections Administrator for the city.

Tasks assigned to the Office of the City Secretary include:

  • Custodian of all City Council minutes, ordinances, resolutions, proclamations and permanent records
  • Conduct all city elections
  • Registrar of paving liens
  • Registrar of mowing liens
  • In charge of advertising in newspapers
  • Handle all calls for the Mayor and the City Council
  • Oversee the Vital Statistics Bureau
  • Issue various types of permits, such as permits for taxi cabs, alcoholic beverages, wreckers, trailer parks and loud speakers
  • Process open records requests
  • Arrange travel plans for the Mayor and City Council Members

City of Mission Elections

The City of Mission abides by the rules set forth by the Public Information Act.

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