Fire Department

Departmental Structure
The Mission Fire Department consists of 57 career firefighters, 4 administration personnel, 5 fire prevention personnel, 4 communication officers and 20 volunteer firefighters, as well as the fire chief and 2 administrative secretaries. The Department is divided into three (3) divisions: administration, fire prevention and operations. Administration oversees all day to day operations of the Department, such as personnel, budget, record keeping, etc.

Operations oversees all suppression personnel and activities and operates out of 4 fire stations:

  1. Central Fire Station located at 415 W. Tom Landry St.
  2. Station #2 located at 200 W. 1st St.
  3. Station #3 located at 1804 N. Shary Road
  4. Station #4 located at 3408 N. Inspiration Road

The fire department operates 6 fire engines, 1 heavy rescue truck, 2 tanker trucks, 2 rescue boats, 1 aerial ladder (100 ft.),1 aerial fire truck (61 ft.) 1 command vehicle and 1 special operation vehicle. The special operation vehicle is used by the dive team, which consists of the best trained personnel in the Valley and is called upon by many fire and law enforcement organizations to assist in the recovery of victims, stolen items, weapons used in crimes and narcotics. The Mission Fire Department received the Life Safety Achievement Award in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 from the Residential Fire Safety Institute because there were no fire-related deaths in the City of Mission during each of those years

Currently, the Fire Department consists of the best firefighting equipment and best trained personnel in the Valley. The Department and its personnel protect more than 60,000 citizens during the winter and more than 40,000 citizens during the spring and summer. The Fire Department has a mutual aid agreement with 35 cities and communities throughout the Valley. In 2007, the department responded to 2204 alarms. Currently, the City of Mission has an ambulance contract with Med-Care ambulance service. Med-Care EMS currently provides 2 mobile intensive care units.

In September 1997, the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) conducted a fire insurance rating survey of the City of Mission. Recently, the Department received the letter from this organization advising the city that the fire insurance rate class for the City of Mission had dropped from a fire insurance rating of “6” to a “4”. This rating will show a savings to the home and business owners in the city.

The Department stays involved in the community by performing presentations with civic organizations, schools and businesses. The Fire Department is spreading the message of fire safety to the annexed areas through fire inspections and public education programs.

The Fire Department continues to work on making the City of Mission the most fire safe city in the Valley and state.

Fire Department Services Provided

  • Dial 9-1-1
  • Fires – All Kinds
  • Structure
  • Grass
  • Trash
  • Gas Leaks
  • Major Accident with injuries/extrication
  • Electrical/Life Threatening Dangers
  • Lock-in/Life Threatening Dangers
  • Plane Crashes
  • Boat Accidents
  • Building Collapses/High Angle Rescues
  • Confined Spaces
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Public Fire & Safety Education
  • Fire Station Tours
  • EMS/Heart Attacks, Strokes, Child Birth, Overdoses, accidental poisonings
  • Special Operations Branch (Underwater Diving,Swift Water Rescue, Hazards Materials)

Fire Prevention Bureau
The Fire Prevention Bureau oversees all fire prevention-related issues. The Bureau includes the Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshal, three Fire Inspectors and an Administrative Secretary. Under Fire Prevention, the department investigates and keeps records of all fires within the city, makes Fire Prevention presentations to various groups and organizations, conducts plan & subdivision reviews for adequate fire protection, fire lanes and emergency equipment access, issues and controls burning permits, and conducts occupancy inspections, annual inspections and routine inspections. Recently, a safety trailer, which is a simulator of how to escape from your home in case of fire or smoke, was purchased, as well as a Fire Extinguisher Simulator and a Miniature Model Simulator.



Underground Storage Tank Removal Permit Application

Underground Storage Tank Removal Permit Information







Emergency Management Program
This program is federally funded and reimburses the city for a quarter of the Fire Chief’s salary. The program helps keep the Emergency Operation Center in a standby ready status for any emergency and coordinates all emergency functions for the city departments and volunteer organizations. The Fire Chief serves as Emergency Management Coordinator.

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